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The 2nd Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards: ticket sales are now open!

November 25, 2023
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DateSaturday November 25, 2023
LocationWorm, Rotterdam

Unwanted Words invites you to the 2nd Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards, a non-for-profit celebration of the best and most outstanding poets and spoken word artists whose works discuss topics of feminism and the queer experience from an intersectional perspective, centering on diverse and BIPOC voices.

The theme of this edition is “Decolonizing Gender”, an invitation to explore the ways slavery and colonialism have influenced the lives, rights, and realities of Brown, Black, and Indigenous women and LGBTQ+ people.

Come watch the most outstanding poets and spoken word artists perform to win one of the six awards of the night: Best Queer Performance, Best Feminist Performance, the BIPOC Voice Award, the People’s Choice Award, Poet of the Year, and Best Poetry Organization.

Our selected line of artists will be followed by a special guest performance from Analemma, a community-based queer group who will showcase a dance ritual inspired by painful histories and realities of colonialism, and a special sale by House of Sanaa.

The ceremony for the awards is getting closer by the day. With only 3 weeks until the event, ticket sale is now open. 🎟️

🎉 Party Alert 🎉

Unwanted Words has teamed up with Squish and Wormhole to take you on a warm and experimental club and performance night: Bodytellers!


📅 25th of November, from 22:00 till 04:00.


-A vinyl set for lovers of Combia and other Hypnotropical genres by Doombiabamberos & Bubbles, from 22:00-02:00.

-The dynamic duo Miori, who blend different genres such as House, Bass, and Ethnic Electronica, from 02:00-04:00.

-Spoken-word performances by Paula Urdaneta, a poet who offers an intimate and contemplative exploration of her femininity.

-An invitation to care together, performed by Alicia Kemp, a visual artist who seeks knowledge embodiment, and Runs.

What is Squish? A queer-feminist cultural platform attempting to redefine and question the contemporary proletariat. The organization shares perspectives from queer folks, working-class makers, non-Dutch and non-white people, and gender minorities. They emphasize self-representation, combining research-based and non-academic approaches. Their recipe is a mix of entertainment, arts, and community support.

⏰ The clock is ticking, and the amount of seats is limited, so make sure to claim your ticket soon!