Queer Poetry Open Mic Amsterdam x Unwanted Words
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Queer Poetry Open Mic Amsterdam x Treehouse NDSM

July 17, 2024
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DateWednesday July 17, 2024
LocationTreehouse NDSM, Paviljoen

Join us for a magical night of queer poetry

Queer Amsterdam is upon us, and Unwanted Words is absolutely thrilled to collaborate once again for an enchanting evening of literary expression! We are hosting Queer Open Mic at the vibrant Treehouse NDSM – a sneak peek into our beloved monthly Queer Poetry Nights in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague.

This event is all about celebrating and amplifying queer voices, providing a supportive and inspiring space for artists to shine. 🌟

Event Highlights:

🖋️ Curated Performances: Kicking off the night with mesmerizing performances by a specially selected line-up of spoken word poets and performers.

🎤 Open Mic: The stage is yours! Share your literary work – be it spoken word, poetry, op-eds, drama, or any form of performance. No prior experience needed. Just bring your passion and keep your performance within 3-5 minutes.

Important Notes:

Respect: All forms of literary expression are welcome, but we do not tolerate hate speech or targeted attacks of any kind.

Accessibility: The venue is wheelchair accessible, though the toilets and restaurant are not.


📍 Venue: Treehouse NDSM, Paviljoen
📅 Date: 17 July, 2024
🕠 Doors open: 17:30

Prepare for an unforgettable night filled with creativity, connection, and celebration. It’s your turn to share your words and be part of something truly special. 💖

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✨ Let’s create magic together! ✨

About our platforms:

Unwanted Words Project is an award-winning platform for emerging queer poets and spoken word artists in the Netherlands. Our goal as a collective is to create spaces where LGBTQIAP+ talent can thrive and connect with like-minded communities.

Queer Amsterdam emerged as an opposition to the status quo to help answer the urgent call for change. As our society transforms, so do the challenges faced by LGBTQIAP+ individuals, widening the gap between our reality and our utopia. Yet, during these challenges, community matters more than ever. As we stand united, we fuel the belief that every voice raised and every step taken contributes to a brighter tomorrow.

Treehouse NDSM is a communal playground for serious artists committed to their work.


Nina Ashley Bach (she/her) is an emotional, loud, proud mixed woman, who collects pieces from her life to curate an inviting space to ponder and connect. She is on a journey of workshop facilitation and, as an artist, she explores themes such as identity, belonging, womanhood, decoloniality and collective healing. She speaks from a perspective of the grey space in the middle, being from both Malaysia and Denmark with Indigenous and Indian roots as well. She holds safe(r) spaces to discuss and embark on a journey within and connect with who you are.

Nim (he/him) writes Poetry and Fiction. He currently works as a waiter and an attendant in a sex shop. He’s practically modern-day Jesus as he serves food and orgasms. He runs two monthly events: Queer Cumedy Night in The Web and Queer Open Stage in Framer Framed.

Lui Montes is a queer Mexican spoken word artist based in Rotterdam. Lui’s work explores themes of queer joy, intimacy & spirituality from a decolonial, intersectional lens on identity. Founder of Unwanted Words, Lui is dedicated to fostering and amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and collaborating with other individuals and organisations to continue creating safe(r) spaces for our community.

Host🎤: Tuaca Kelly (she/her/femmeDaddy) is an American poet, spoken word artist, emcee, singer-songwriter and musician, most known for her unique wordplay, uncanny improvisation, unpredictable humor, and ability to connect with the audience. Originally from San Francisco, she represents the Generation X as a fierce femmeDaddy. Based in Amsterdam, Tuaca is very active in poetry and spoken word culture and serves as a local and international project collaborator, talent curator, creative, and muse with Stichting Unwanted Words Project.