“Screen protection”

A work by

I’ve been looking at my phone for the longest time of my life.
Being addicted to likes,
and pretending to live a perfect life that I don’t actually have.

And I feel safe in this limited space,
as I can hide behind a screen and no one can see how I really feel.
Nobody can see that I am really scared.

When I look up,
I feel empty.

I’ve been distracting myself with this digital world so I don’t have to face the reality of my problems.

I am so afraid to be rejected by the world,
so, I don’t even try reaching out or putting myself out there.

And when I look around,
all I can see is other people looking at their screens.

I feel so disconnected.
with myself,
with my emotions,
and with other people.

So, I’d rather look at my phone,
then feel lost in this disconnected world.