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When nature is hurting and the Earth is crumbling
they say the only way is onward
When we cannot stop or else everything will collapse,
they say the only way is onward
And even when we’re being crushed and feeling cornered,
Have we been cursed to only move forward?

Because it feels like we’ve been brainwashed
by the latest generation of greenwashed phones
And that doomsday will be shipped
by Amazon Prime’s delivery drones

Like we packaged these dying ecosystems
as hot commodities
Toxic manifestation of disposable curiosities:
I see it, I want it, I got it, I motherfucking burn it

Now please drop these rose-colored glasses of a promised future
And crawl across the reality of this muddy present
And burn inside our oil-based fires
Bathe in the smoke of our own actions
Breath in the ashes of our consequences

I just pray to Mother Nature for a magical reverse UNO card
Because when there is nowhere to run
and we need to face the truth
the only way is onward is backwards