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There have been countless times that I cried in your arms.

I felt so silly back then.

You could make me sad with so little,

and I actually felt a bit guilty.

Because I knew that it would make you sad too.

I always wondered why I cried so much during our time together.

Was our relationship really that bad?

Ever since you left,

there has been a hole in my heart.

I hadn’t been able to cry whenever I was sad.

But now, after two years,

after I saw you again on that unforgettable Sunday afternoon,

I finally understand.

Before we were together,

I wasn’t able to cry because I was taught that I’d seem weak if I’d cry.

But whenever I was with you,

I’d feel safe.

You allowed me to cry.

You allowed me to be me.

You would make me vulnerable.

You would make me feel loved.

And even though you’re not here anymore,

our time together taught me,

how to cry.

How to be me.

How to be vulnerable.

How to love myself.

I can finally cry,

and let you go now.